Wild Mountain Nursery is a worker-owned wholesale and retail nursery specializing in cold-hardy, fruit-bearing trees and shrubs. Our goal is to supply our communities with high-quality, perennial food sources to build local resilience, increase food access, and share the joys of fresh, Maine-grown fruit. 

We are located at Wild Mountain Farm in Greene, Maine, on land owned and protected by Land in Common community land trust.

Our goal as a business is not to maximize profit, but to generate sustainable incomes for our worker-owners while contributing to the health of the land and to the betterment of our wider communities. 

At the heart of our work are two core value commitments: first, regenerative and reciprocal relationships with the land that sustains us—enacted through ecologically-informed, low-impact farming practices using organic growing techniques; and second, advancing justice and healing in our human communities by sharing equipment, facilities, plants, and other resources with front-line organizations working for collective liberation in Maine.